Iconic Logo Designers

This is great list of iconic logo designers.

It includes Paul Rand the creator of the ABC Logo, Milton Glaser, the creator of the I Love NY logo. This is a pretty comprehensive list of the most iconic logo designers of all time.




Check out the full list of Iconic Logo Designers.


How Fear Makes You Dumb

“Don’t allow fear to cause you to act in dumb ways, whether that means abdicating your contribution or failing at your goal because you acted blindly in your attempt to be ‘courageous’.”

-Todd Henry

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Home: part 2



From Part one:

I mentioned in the previous post that I am moving, and as that is on my mind, I wanted to bring you all some artwork that has to do with houses. Moving isn’t really fun, or easy, but looking at this work is. I found so many options, that we will have two showings, or open houses if you will. I hope, as usual, that these are inspiring, and I encourage you to take a look at the full portfolios of these artists.

For this installment, I have artists that are brand new to me, and as usual, I am here to share them with you. Today we start with Mrs James Ward Thorne, or Narcissa Ward Thorne as she was also known. Actually, no, let’s actually start with an image of her work.


That is not a photograph. Or a painting. That is a sculpture. At…

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