Worry does not rob tomorrow of its sorrows, it only robs today of its joy.

-Corrie Ten Boom


Art Is Important

Art has the power to change lives. I know, I’ve experienced it. Art helped me through tough times. It helped me stay on the right path in high school.
It gave me inspiration and hope.
I know now that art was a great gift of Gods mercy to me.
So, if you were to ask me if art is important, I would respond with a resounding yes!

Origami Street Art

A new take on street art by Mademoiselle Maurice.





All images from mademoisellemaurice.com/en


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Behind a Little House Project

ImageBehind a Little House Project  is an awesome project by Italian photographer, Manuel Cosentino. Manuel “found an unsuspecting muse: a tiny nondescript house on an unexceptional hill. He returned to photograph the small building from the exact same location for nearly two years in order to capture the dramatic changes in weather and light that utterly changed the scenery just beyond the horizon.”

Check out some more pictures at Colossal.

The Pixel Painter: A 97-Year-Old Man Who Draws Using Microsoft Paint from Windows 95


Hal Lasko, mostly known as Grandpa, a 97-year-old man who uses Microsoft Paint from Windows 95 to create artwork that has been described as “a collision of pointillism and 8-Bit art.”

Awesome. Read the rest of the article at Colossal, and check out rest of Hals pixel paintings.